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Treasure 8: Letter from Thayer to Daniel Willard Fiske, Cambridge, Mass., March 15, 1863 (M2B015a)


Cambridge, Mass.
March 15, 1863

Dear Fish –

Are you getting impatient to see me? I had such a long, stormy passage, that I cannot be back by the 1st April, without losing my visit home and in New York. So forgive me and if you can. I pray you stay two weeks longer. Thank you for your letter and its enclosures. I will make all right.

In Washington I had a hint from a clerk in the Department of State that the Elsinore Consulship would probably soon be vacant. – whereupon I rushed up to Sumner and talked about you. Sumner said I need not make a long story of it - for he knew you and remembered your case perfectly, &c, &c.

This was last week – write to [Donelady?] and secure the place if you can. Speak to Mr. Lippitt & Mr. Motly about it.

It is so cold I can hardly write. When I see you I will make a long story, if you wish.—I expect to sail on the 28th of March, in an [?] ship.

I came on to Philadelphia on the 10th inst. – left my effects at R.R. Station, and then went to Prof. Allen’s – where I was kept over night – had a jolly talk. His Chess Library is great! He is afraid, you will fly off to something else before finishing your chess bibliography.

Drop a line to Ferdinand Schneider, Book publisher, No. 11 Victorie Strasse, Berlin – talk of me, and ask him about printing your bibliography. I can’t write my fingers are too stiff. Give my regards to all friends, not forgetting the Gräfin & the Girl.

Good bye

A.W. Thayer