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Treasure 15: Translation of Schindler's “Notice to the Lovers of Beethoven’s Music (M2B027)

Hearing that there are several translations of my biography of Beethoven in Paris just now, I warn the translators and all admirers of Beethoven that I am preparing a second edition of this work, that the music part will be much longer and in fact it will be longer altogether and will appear the end of next autumn. In the interest of Beethoven’s music, I hope that a skilled hand will soon undertake a good translation of this second edition.

I should like to draw attention to the fact that the English translation of this biography has just appeared in London in 2 volumes at Mr. H. Colburn’s and that the name of Moscheles alone, as editor appears on the title page. I think it right to protect my friend Moscheles (who only wrote the preface to the London edition) from all misunderstanding by the critics by saying that I know quite well that the omission of my name as author of the original German only took place in spite of his protests—I hope a similar arbitrary omission will not be found in a French edition!

A. Schindler
Paris, March 17, 1841”