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Treasure 16:

Beethoven and His Housekeeper’s Account Leaf of July 12-13 and August 8-9, 1823(?)

The leaf lists items purchased on four days (July 12-13 and August 8-9) in two columns. For July 12-13 the list continues on the back of the leaf and includes (English translations in parentheses):

Rinntfleisch (Beef)
Löhber (Liver)
Mahärg (Marrow)
Sant (Mustard)
Esseich (Vinegar)
Krens (Horseradish)
Ertofeln (Potatoes)
Rühnähteln (Dumplings)
Brief fränkiert Kost schets gelt   (Letter franked cost estimate)
Zweiffel (Onions)
obers (cream)
Semeln (Rolls)
Buhter (Butter)
Hentel fühter (Chicken feed)
Kierzen (Candles)
Semel albahne (Rolls, stale)
Zir (Eggs)
Germ (Yeast)
Rum (Rum)
Fleisch (Meat)
Löhber (Liver)
Lechziehr (Elixir)
fohrn flahssenkel zu trahgen  (For carrying bottles)
fohrlan auflaen  (To advance on wages)
Fuhr Lan auf Santz mahs  (To wages on Saint’s Day)
Böhsen (Broom)
Bahr Wies (Polish)
Weissen Wein (White wine)
Rohten Wein (Red wine)
fruhstuch (Breakfast)
tähffel öhl (Table oil)           
Lamben öhl (Lamp oil)
fohrdieh Kraschtuch zuschrieben  (For writing for the gauze cloth)

The list for August 8-9 includes:

Rinntfleisch (Beef)
Löhber (Liver)
Mährg (Marrow)
Kriens (Horseradish)
Rum (Rum)
Zuhspeis (Vegatables)
obers (Cream)
Miehlich (Milk)
Zuhger (Sugar)
Reis (Rice)
Ziemert (Cinnamon)
Kierzen (Candles)
Essiech (Vinegar)
henteln fuh (Chicken feed)
3 Bah hentel 1/6  (3 Roasting chickens 1/6)
4 flahsen (4 bottles)
6 tehler 1 kost 22  (6 plates 1 costs 22)
Buhter (butter)
Eir (eggs)
Ries (rice)
Löhs Pabier (Loose paper)

Other items purchased on August 9, listed on the back of the leaf, include:

Rinntfleisch  (Beef)
Löhber  (Liver)
Mährg (Marrow)
Zuhspeis (Vegetables)
Kriens (Horseradish)
Zwieffel (Onions)
Sauhramffer (Sorrel)
Fuhter hentel (Chicken feed)
Kierzen (Candles)
Kreitel (Herbs)
Zuhger (Sugar)
fuhrlan (For wages)
obers (Cream)
Semeln (Rolls)
Buhter (Butter)
Brief (Letter)

The servant also adds a note in pencil: “I shall give the measure to the grinder straight away. He is to do it and fetch them straight away for after the celebration I shall take two loads of feed as I shall have … to …”