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Treasure 17: Beethoven to Georg Friedrich Treitschke, before February 27, 1814

English translation by William Meredith

“My dear T.!

Taking your advice I visited the architect, and the matter is already settled for me in the best way, it is better to deal with artists rather than the so-called great ones (small tiny tiny ones)—your song will be sent to you on whatever stroke of the clock you determine—my thanks for your [revision of] my opera will hurry ahead to you—if there is an opportunity, consider at some point bringing Egmont only to the Wiedener Theater, the arrival of the Spaniard, which is only mentioned in the piece, and is not seen, could be used at the great dungeon of the Wiedener Theater for the mob, and  still many other [possibilities] as spectacles for the eye, and the music would not be entirely lost [forgotten], and I would be happy to render* whatever new music that might be required—Worthy friend farewell, today I spoke to the principal bass singer of the Austrian Empire full of enthusiasm about a new opera from—girovewtz, I laughed heartily about the new artistic path that this work will open for us.—wholly your Beethowen”

* word play in German here (“leisten,” to perform, accomplish, render, in place of “leiten,” to conduct  or lead)