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Treasure 18: Manuscript Beethoven Letter to Franz Brentano from February 15, 1817

English translation by William Meredith

Vienna, February 15, 1817

My esteemed friend!

Some time ago I sent you several music works, in order to recall myself to your friendly remembrance, all the members of the Brentano family remain always dear to me, and especially shall I always remember you, my honored friend [Franz], your with true respect, I even wish that you may believe how often I have prayed to heaven for the long continuance of your life, so that you long may be a useful and honored head of your family, you will always find me full of such sentiments;—as for me, my health has been shaken for a long time, for which the condition of the country bares not a little responsibility, whereby thus far no improvement is to be expected, in addition further deterioration probably takes place every day—Mr. Kessler has sent me through you a work that demonstrates his talent[,] up to now I have not been able to write to him but I shall do so soon in detail—I really very much miss my contacts with you as well as your wife and dear children, for where would it be possible to find something similar here in Vienna[?] I therefore seldom go out, for I have always found it impossible to associate with men unless a certain interchange of ideas is possible—now all my best wishes, I wish all possible beauty and goodness for you in your life as a crown of your worthiness, may I also not appear to be unworthy to be recalled in your memories.—all best greetings for my esteemed friend Toni and your dear children, with true regards and devotion, your friends L.v. Beethoven.