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Treasure 21: Manuscript Beethoven letter to Prince Ferdinand von Trauttsmansdorff, March 21, 1824, written by Anton Schindler and signed by Beethoven in Latin script

English translation:

“Your excellency!

Since I have heard that I will not have April 7 for my concert, I most humbly beg your excellency to grant me the Grosse Redoutensaal for a concert on April 8, and to be sure at mid-day, whereby neither the theater nor I will be inconvenienced. I am deeply obliged to your excellency for the kindness you have always shown me, and what is even more flattering, that your excellency is not entirely unsympathetic to my art. I hope soon to find the opportunity to demonstrate my deepest respect and admiration for your excellency.

Your excellency’s most obedient,
Ludwig van Beethoven
(Vienna, March 21, 1824.”